Akhilesh ‘Aurangzeb’

January 10 2017

The Bharatiya Janata Party, worried with the growing popular clout of youth CM Akhilesh Yadav, has coined a new moniker for him: Aurangzeb.
Though the internecine war within the Samajwadi Party, involving Papa Mulayam and Pappu Akhilesh, has tarred the image of the party, a latest survey says that it has come as a boon for the young man. His shedding tears in public over his humiliation has etched the picture of a young Samaritan trying his best to fight the evils of corruption and the rule of goons in Uttar Pradesh. This will substantially boom his vote clout, the survey report suggests.
The vexed veterans at BJP’s war room have thus turned to maligning Akhilesh as ‘Aurangzeb’, whom the BJP despises anyway, as seen in renaming the Delhi road named after the last Great Moghul. The saffron party hints that Akhilesh is, like Aurangzeb, fratricidal. The BJP think tank has started this campaign on the only platform it knows well: Social Media.
But what bothers the party is that social media is practically absent where Akhilesh’s tears have moistened voters’ eyes the most: the vales and villages of the state.
Now what to do?

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