Ajit angry with Nitish

April 21 2016

It’s like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s ambitions have found new skies to soar. Otherwise, there was a time when it was more or less finalized that Jharkhand’s Babulal Marandi and UP’s prominent Jat leader Ajit Singh will merge their respective political parties with JD (U). JD (U)’s former President Sharad Yadav had also had a decisive meeting with Ajit Singh about this. Sources say at that time Ajit Singh was also promised a Rajya Sabha seat by the JD (U). But a few days ago when Ajit Singh met Nitish’s ace strategist Prashant Kishore, he was told in clear terms that only after the merger of his party with JD (U) will the offer of a Rajya Sabha seat be considered. It is said this upset Ajit Singh no end, and he said, “I have been a minister at the Centre four times, and a Parliamentarian for seven terms. So please don’t talk to me in that tone.” To this Prashant said that whatever talks he might have had in the past were with Sharad Yadav, and now the party was not in a position to make any decisions. A miffed Ajit went away from there and now his options are open in the BJP as well.

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