AIIMS Governance Sick!

December 13 2016

AIIMS, globally known for better health and multi-specialty treatment, seems to be sick by itself. The present director MC Mishra (retiring on January 30, 2017), famous for his arbitrary decisions, has done something flabbergasting this time. He made his close aid Dr Umesh Kapil the Head of Gastroenterology Department. Dr Kapil belongs to Human Nutrition Department. Notably, the required eligibility for the position of the head is MD (Medicine) and DM in the same field. However, Dr Kapil does not have these requisites. Sources exclaim that Dr Kapil comes in the list of inefficient doctors. This is why in 1997, the then head of department Dr Ramesh Tondon had recommended his removal.
What has shocked the AIIMS fraternity is that in the history of the institute, this is the first time that a Head of Department was appointed but without the director’s signature on the order, which is a must as per the AIIMS Charter. Otherwise in general cases, any letter of appointment or promotion comes from the faculty cell, based on which the Director issues his order. Sources reveal that the entire sequence of events engineered by Dr Mishra was to sideline Dr Anoop Sarai as he is the best person for the post, given his degrees, experience and age. Ironically, on the one hand there is an outcry of shortage of doctors in AIIMS and on the other, experienced doctors are being dispatched for administrative duties. And a private practitioner has been made a member in the selection body. Despite this, Dr Mishra is lobbying for service extension. In the race for search of a new director of AIIMS, the names in the forefront are Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s relative Dr Rasik Vajpayee, Dr Randeep Guleria, Dr Jagdish Prasad and Dr AB Dey.

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