Advani’s new politics

June 21 2015

Many masks hang on the wall, but coincidentally, they have faces within, too. Those who refused to wear masks were punished. BJP’s veteran leader Advani is also a victim of his ambitions. In Modi’s times, he might have got a place in the Margdarshak Mandal of the party, but Advani does not miss a chance to let his presence be known. His much-discussed interview about the Emergency had barely left the headlines, when his meeting with Kejriwal has got the spotlight. The entire party and the government tried with all their might to have the Advani-Kejriwal meeting cancelled, but Advani stood his ground. Now Advani has a feeling that Modi is not at all serious about Advani’s candidacy for the president’s post in 2017. So he is now directly communicating with the Congress, Mamata, and Mulayam. Is this a new strategy to put pressure on BJP leadership?

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