‘Aditya’ will be renamed

September 13 2020

It was at a time when the friendship between the BJP and Shiv Sena was at a high, there was a cohesive atmosphere and Shiv Sena was also one of the oldest constituents of NDA. It is a matter of the same period that the central government had come up with a unique scheme in the field of electricity marketing, which was named – ‘Aditya’ i.e., Atal Distribution System Improvement Yojna. The scheme was intended to help power companies in marketing electricity, but ever since the tussle has come up between the relationship between BJP and Shiv Sena, the scheme has been kept on the back burner. It is said that the BJP feels that Aditya Thackeray will get indirect benefits from the promotion of this scheme, it is being heard that preparations are being made to re-launch the scheme by renaming it.

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