Adani’s angst

November 23 2015

The Sangh also has its brows furrowed at one of India’s top industrialists, Gautam Adani. Sources say that the top leaders of the Sangh have made it clear to the prime minister that it is not going to help him and the party to be seen publicly with Adani, since the Opposition is going to unnecessarily turn it into an issue. Sources say that 15 years ago when the then Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpeyi went to New York and stayed at the New York Palace Hotel, where Modi now stays, two of Vajpeyi’s old friends Ghatate ji and B K Modi came there to meet him. They too advised him on similar lines, saying he should not give too much importance to Sant Singh Chatwal, because there were serious allegations of embezzlement against him were being made by banks. Vajpeyi seemed to have agreed to this point when his son-in-law Ranjan Bhattacharya (from an adopted daughter), who was sitting outside his bedroom, was roped in by Chatwal and Co, and matters allegedly started turning in their favour during Vajpeyi government’s rule. The moot question here is: has Modi’s friend Gautam Adani taken the same place as Ranjan Bhattacharya? It is said that heeding the Sangh’s advice, Modi has now started to maintain a clear distance from Adani. This fact is substantiated by Modi’s recent London trip, when Gautam Adani cancelled his stay in a London hotel in a hurry. It is said that Adani’s room was booked in the same hotel in James Court where Modi was supposed to stay. Gautam Adani was nowhere to be seen during Modi’s Turkey trip either.

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