‘Achhe din kab ayenge?’

June 21 2014

When political scenes change colour, everything else changes, too. And the list of those who made hard for the former UPA government is a long one. Alas, there is no achhe din for them yet. Take Madhu Kishwar, Subramaniam Swamy, Ram Jethmalani, Baba Ramdev and so on, for instance. Sources reveal that Swamy met Modi and allegedly told him, “Give me some work; I am dangerous when I am jobless.” Modi somehow didn’t like it and he felt that Swamy was threatening him subversively. Madhu Kishwar also didn’t gain anything by such a forceful opposition of Smriti Irani. She had got the invitation for Modi’s oath-taking with great difficulty and now the PMO has been strictly advised that it should not listen to any application or request by her. Ram Jethmalani is a great believer in writing letters and these letters sometimes get “leaked” to the media, too. But Prime Minister Modi is just not ok with the idea. Modi didn’t like some of the things that Baba Ramdev said and did during the election campaigns. So now seeing Modi’s behaviour towards him, Baba is now in ‘sanyas mode’. There’s no saying when some of these people will have achhe din smile upon them.

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