AAP’s ailments

January 13 2014

A different thought, a different mark of honour, political thinking, and a different way is all well but when the Gangotri of power seems just a little distance away, the cleanest streams may become dirty. How much time did AAP take when it came to getting the support of someone like Shoaib Iqbal? It is even being said that in the past few days, several relatives, acquaintances and siblings and opportunists related to AAP party members have joined the party. There’s hardly any time left for the general elections and the Aam Aadmi Party barely has any time to investigate the track record of all the people who are becoming a part of the party. This is the reason that for the past few days, there is a buzz against several AAP representatives and allegations of a serious nature have been put against many of them. But then this is how the political drama plays itself. Mr Clean Kejriwal ji, beware!


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