AAP short of funds

December 01 2014

The Aam Aadmi Party may face a lot of serious problems since its inception. Well-known faces of the party such as Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisaudia and Kumar Vishvas have been relegated to the sidelines. New faces such as Ashish Khaitan and Ashutosh, who are being preferred by Kejriwal, are not very well known, and who could be capitalised on during the elections. Several prominent party leaders have joined the BJP and several others are planning to join the party. A part of AAP is working to find out how some party leaders from the Congress and other parties can be made to join the party. At the same time, AAP is facing a financial crunch at present; there has been a steep decline in the donations the party received from India and abroad. Of now, former investigative journalist Ashish Khaitan has taken it upon himself to bring funds into the party. Sources close to AAP say that Ashish has brought in big funds to the party in the past, too. It is worth remembering that Kejriwal had exposed the scam of India Bulls that was being run by a Congress family member, and had publicly pointed his finger at it. Then what was the reason Kejriwal had stopped mentioning its name? If sources are to be believed, the company had made a big donation to the party through Khaitan during the last Lok Sabha elections. It is thus possible that Kejriwal may soften his blows against corporate houses. That is because Khaitan may have a plan to approach them.

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