AAP in Bihar elections

June 20 2020

The Aam Aadmi Party has once against started its efforts to spread its power in states other than Delhi. The party has been trying to lure Navjyot Singh Sidhu who is miffed with Congress and the AAP can project Sidhu as its CM face in the next Punjab Assembly elections. As of now, efforts are on to bring Sidhu into the party fold. Moreover, the party is also taking Bihar elections with utmost seriousness. AAP’s Bihar Incharge Sanjay Singh is Rajya Sabha MP. Although he is native of Sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh his political style goes down well with people from Bihar. Hence, during the Corona crisis, AAP has worked tremendously for the migrant labourers from Bihar. Sanjay Singh gave his thirty-four coupons of air travel for Bihari labourers. Along with this, he has appealed the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs that if everyone takes a united step, then 26,860 migrant labourers can be sent back to their native’s states. Till now Singh has sent labourers to Bihar, UP and Madhya Pradesh in 32 buses while AAP has helped more than 1.5 lakh labourers from Bihari by ferrying them in trains. Hence the AAP has decided that the Bihar election will be fought on ‘Delhi governance model’ versus Bihar’s ‘Sushasan Model’. AAP Bihar spokesperson Chandrabhushan has claimed that while in Delhi people pay seventy rupee bill for using 201 unit electricity, in Bihar they have to shell out 1540 rupees. AAP wants to project its successful models of Education, health and transport in Bihar too and has prepared an army of twenty to thirty thousand individuals in each assembly constituency. It has been observed that Muslims in Bihar are quickly turning towards AAP.

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