A seasoned player

October 13 2014

Prakash Javdekar may emerge as a master politics player. For him to reach so far without any political background is nothing short of a miracle. Apart from his own party boss, he has also managed to please the Sangh. He may have received a lot of flak after showing live the Sangh’s Sanchalak’s speech on Doordarshan, but both the BJP and the Sangh are happy with him for the same. However, Javdekar didn’t play a direct role in the episode and he doesn’t deserve so much credit for it. Actually, the director general of Doordarshan news Archana Dutt received a phone call from Nagpur and it is said that Dutt, without asking for permission from the minister, coordinated directly with Nagpur. And because the Sangh bears the expenses for the OB van in the city, Dutt gave the required permissions in the hurry.

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