240 too many

September 05 2009

Remember when the Bhishma Pitamah of BJP was strongly advocating the need for sending Govindacharya back to the Sangh, at that point of time it was also stated that the post of organisational secretary in the saffron party should be abolished. But today, for giving the Sangh more teeth, there are over 240 organisational secretaries active in
BJP. In the party’s introspection meet at Shimla, Dhumal had openly cried that while there were just four Lok Sabha seats in Himachal, there were still four organisaitonal secretaries there. Shivraj and Raman Singh are as it is already upset with them because the organisation secretary gobbles up every transfer or posting before it reaches the Chief Minister. The powerful IAS lobby of the State also moves around these influential organisation secretaries. Gujarat is the only State where they have no say. So the party has now made up its mind that the strength of the organisational secretaries would be reduced from 240 to just two dozen or 24. The idea is good but only if the Sangh would agree.

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