100 days of Javedkar

October 23 2016

Union Minister of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Prakash Javedkar invited journalists on last Friday at his home for Chai Pe Charcha. One special thing about this gathering was that Madam Javedkar was also there. Javedkar while sipping tea began counting his 100 days of achievement. A journal was also distributed named ‘100 days as Human Resource Development Minister’. The journalists sniffed out the idea behind the story. Notably, Javedkar went to a program of the foreign ministry. The well-known personalities were introduced by the announcer but when it came to Prakash Javedkar the lady announcer said he is our Environment Minister Shri Prakash Javedkar. That was the moment he decided to bring a periodical to make people aware of his portfolio. Of course, the beginning had to be with the journalists.

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