Happy Birthday Nitish

March 05 2013

March 1 was the birthday of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Usually, Nitish prefers to keep his birthday celebrations subdued. So, most Assembly members and Parliamentarians from Bihar were unaware of March 1 being Nitish’s birthday. Renu Kumari, industry minister in Nitish Kumar’s government, stood at the Vidhan Sabha portico at about 12 minutes past eleven, and her assistant held a big bouquet of flowers hidden behind him. The minute Nitish Kumar’s car stopped there at 11.15 pm, she duly touched Nitish’s feet, gifted him the bouquet, and wished him a happy birthday. The politicians from the JD (U) standing were taken by surprise. They had no idea it was Nitish’s birthday. Now where could they get a bouquet for him at such short notice? So they made a rush for the garden there where there were roses and plucked them all. The gardener came rushing and said, “Saab, don’t do this; I will lose my job.” The politicians abused him crassly, and said, “You are worried about your job? We might lose ours!” So, the gardener kept pleading, the flowers kept getting plucked and about a dozen of the members wished the chief minister a happy birthday with those roses.

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