Hey Ram!

October 28 2010

In his book “The life of Mahatma Gandhi”, Louis Fisher has said that Gandhi may have said “Hey Ram,” after falling to Nathuram Godse’s bullet but this wasn’t the first time he used the words and he had said it once in South Africa, too. Quoting Gandhi himself, “Before I could complete, I received a blow to my head and I could only say, ‘Hey Ram,’.”If he was alive today and saw the loot party at the Commonwealth Games, wouldn’t he have said the words once again? The probe committee has, until now, not contacted Kalmadi, Bhanot, Sheila Dikshit or Jaipal Reddy. But investigation is on. One thing is for sure, though. In the next elections, Kalmadi is not getting the party ticket from Pune. But those in the know realize that even in such a situation, he had found a way to get to the Rajya Sabha. It is being said that Sharad Pawar is bent on teaching Kalmadi a lesson although Kalmadi learnt the ropes of politics from Pawar himself. And Gadkari’s closeness with Pawar is known to all. It is clear that in the coming days, the BJP will not let Kalmadi live in peace.

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