High-tea Gadkari

September 19 2012

BJP President Nitin Gadkari is gradually trying to pose himself as a potential prime minister candidate. The feelers could be seen this Thursday in London. When Gadkari was returning back to India after spending 15 days vacationing in Canada, an NRI friend of his in London organised a high-tea party for Gadkari at the popular Carlton Suite. The occasion was graced by all prominent NRI industrialists living in London. Anil Agarwal of Vedanta and Cairn Energy, G P Hinduja of the Hinduja Group, Prakash Lohia, chairman of Arcelor Mittal Lakshmi Mittal, Lord Hamid, Lord Noney, Allen Howard, Cyrus Vedarwala and several other dignitaries were seen. In his talks with the foreign investors and top industrialists, Gadkari has assured them that if NDA comes to power with BJP in the lead, the government will ensure there are a lot of opportunities for foreign investors to invest in India. Most Indian industrialists wanted to know if the current UPA-2 government will be able to complete its term and if there was a chance India would see mid-term polls. To this, Gadkari replied like a seasoned politician and said that the BJP was not interested in bringing down the government and if it does fall, it will be the government’s own doing. Most of the industrialists also wanted to know how serious a contender Gadkari as a candidate for the future prime minister in the 2014 elections. Gadkari chose not to give a straight answer to it and managed to smile and joke about it.

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