High command’s orders

December 01 2010

Among the ruckus kicked by the Opposition members in the Parliament, one wonders what the Congress party’s strategy would be. To discuss the same, on the party high command’s orders, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pavan Bansal invited 10 loud-mouth party members and they were warned not to reveal the party’s strategy to the press. The present Congressmen agreed but the next day the media was rife with all about the strategy. When the high command summoned these ministers to give them a dressing down, three names were revealed as having talked to the press – Sanjay Nirupam. Rashid Alvi and Jagdambika Pal. The best part is that all three have been blaming each other that it was not they but the others who did it. They were sent off with a warning that if they didn’t mend their ways they wouldn’t be invited to important meetings. Maybe things will change.

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