Multi-faceted Indresh

January 17 2011

The BJP and the Sangh are in for a rude shock and this very week at that. Prominent Sangh leader Indresh Kumar may be arrested. It is possible that Assemanand may confess to more in front of investigating agencies on Monday and everyone feels that he may directly blame Indresh for the bomb blasts in the Samjhauta Express. The Congress is also digging out every bit of his past and investigating agencies are trying to unravel the situation for a mechanical engineer wherein he stayed a bachelor and got associated with the Sangh. The agencies have also found out that Indresh’s family has a jewelry shop in Kaithal in Haryana and it was under the scanner for smuggling of gold biscuits in 1980. The agencies have prepared a tough questionnaire for Indresh to handle, one he can’t dodge. Looks like the saffron brigade is up for some stormy days ahead.

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