Hazare’s got a thousand problems

May 08 2011

Getting out of thinktank meetings, and to maintain a balance with time and changing times, the Sangh’s leaders are worried. Their biggest worry is why the Sangh is no longer meaningful and relevant for the new generation. Seeing the way Anna Hazare got the support of the young India against corruption, the Sangh has asked its organizations to have all people and other organizations associated with the Sangh parivar to keep pace with Anna’s movement and also try to take on responsibilities in the same. Sangh feels that since South Indian forces were unable to do it, then the likes of Swami Agnivesh and Medha Patekar – who sympathise with the Naxalite cause – may try to own it or those such as Harsh Mander or Aruna Roy may take advantage of the same. All in all, Anna may end up becoming a puppet in the hands of those against the Sangh. In any case, Anna is trying to distance himself from the likes of Govindacharya and Baba Ramdev, who nurture Hindutva feelings. Anna has also announced that he has nothing to do with Baba Ramdev’s proposed fast. This makes it clear that Anna has no problems cashing in on the popularity of the likes of Baba Ramdev, but he will not let anyone use him at any cost. Is there any better politician than Anna himself?

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