Swaraj’s management acumen

December 11 2011

With her political acumen, Sushma Swaraj has managed to win over the hearts of Opposition parties, the Left parties included. It was this Opposition leader’s capability that the Opposition parties’ unity remained. The Communist parties wanted to debate about the rising food inflation and about the FDI later; Sushma agreed. She chose Thursday as the say to debate food inflation and Monday as the day to debate FDI in retail. The Opposition leader had decided that come what may, a no-confidence motion should not be passed in the Parliament, even if the government was in minority. Sushma knew well enough that if there is voting on FDI, Mamata will not support them. The BSP and SP will strike a deal and the Communist parties are politically forced to not support the motion if the BJP introduced it. So, Madam Swaraj had decided that if there is a strength test, the picture will be clear even in the Adjournment Motion.

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