Sonia’s off to America

September 04 2012

When the embers of Coalgate threatened to turn into leaping flames, Sonia took it upon herself to douse the fire. She contacted prominent leaders from the Opposition parties and asked them their demands. And with a changed political stance, she assured the BJP that all its demands will be met – which is cancelling all the allotted blocks to companies. Sonia also agreed that the entire matter will be investigated by a sitting judge. And all the cancelled coal blocks will be open for tenders from the market. After the assurances, Sonia met the prime minister and the President and no one knows what transpired but after that she went back on her word. And before she left for her check-up to the US, she didn’t forget to tell the Opposition leaders that party and the PM have a different opinion on the matter. So it means that the ruckus will continue in the Parliament on Monday, too.

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