Struggle for succession

May 05 2010

The present term of BCCI is about to end in June and in the meantime the ICC headquarters would also be shifting to Dubai. So Sharad Pawar has cast his eyes and aspirations on Dubai for the time being, where a lot of his old time friends call the shots. So if Pawar would hold important responsibilities in ICC then who else but his daughter Supriya Sule would be the real successor of his place and post? So Pawar’s demand is that Supriya be brought into the Cabinet. To increase her control on the party, Supriya wants to bring new people to the fore. About Praful Patel, her individual opinion is that he is
a mere student of her father. On the other hand Praful Patel has stepped out of the tutelage of Pawar and through Ahmed Patel has got very close to Sonia and now the door of his heart also opens directly in the Congress. Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar is also angry with Supriya and he is with Praful. Or Praful and Ajit can together give a hard time to politically novice Supriya.

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