Sushma’s intentions

September 04 2011

During the debate in the Parliament this Saturday about the Janlokpal Bill, everyone from the BJP wanted to speak – from Yashwant Sinha to Anant Kumar but Opposition leader gave this chance on the big TRP day to her young colleague Varun Gandhi. Actually, Sushma had intended to have her own party’s Gandhi shine in answer to Congress’ Rahul (who had spoken on Friday). The idea was to compare the two brothers, the two Gandhis and two thought processes, so that people could compare the both and Sushma was successful in achieving it. So much so that even Advani was of the opinion that the motion should be passes as soon as possible and even stood up once for the same. But Sushma patiently waited for her party’s next speaker’s turn to come, a wait that lasted several hours; morning turned to evening but Sushma didn’t change her mind.

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