A student for many teachers

November 14 2009

But it appears that the advisors of Rahul Gandhi were not able to handle this meeting properly. As per the scheduled programme, these owner-editors had earlier been invited to lunch at Rahul’s Tughlaq Lane residence but when they were about to reach there, they were informed that the venue of lunch has been changed to 10 Janpath. Every editor was under the impression that they alone had to establish one-to-one dialogue with the Congress prince because the invitation for lunch had been received by them in such a manner. So when these editors reached 10 Janpath, they were completely surprised on seeing one another. Avik Sarkar and N. Ram clearly made their displeasure known to Rahul. During the entire luncheon session, let alone advising the prince, Avik did not utter a word. N. Ram spoke fluently about the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Shekhar Gupta also expressed his opinion on more than one issue. And like a curious student, Rahul listened intently to these owner-editors.

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