CBI’s policegiri

July 08 2013

In its investigations, the CBI constantly kept asking IB’s Special Director Rajendra Kumar where they got the news about Ishrat Jahan being involved with a terrorist outfit. Then it was found out that the news came out from the terrorist group LeT itself. With its efforts, the IB had placed its spies within the organisation. When the IB compiled a list of Indians who are operatives for LeT in the country, it included Ishrat Jahan’s name, too. After that, the IB had been keeping a constant watch over Ishrat. In the same vein, when Ishrat went with Javed Shaikh to Faizabad, that is Ayodhya, they stayed at a hotel where they registered themselves as husband and wife. After a series of incidents, investigative agencies suspicions about Ishrat only became stronger.

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