Sibal’s mistakes

July 09 2012

On the outset, Kapil Sibal had gone to Kollkata to ask support from Mamata Banerjee for Pranab Mukherjee’s name as President. But the surprising thing is that for as long as Sibal spoke to Mamata, he didn’t mention support for dada even once. Sources reveal that he was more taken with proposals for his ministry. That is why he spoke about the Accreditation Bill the most. It is worth mentioning here that this is the same bill that proposes that all universities be brought under the grading system. Thus, after this bill is passed, all universities will get a ranking. Then there is the fees regulation bill under which all schools, colleges and universities are free to decide their own fees structure. But they will have to make all information public on their websites. And if even a rupee more is spent more than the decided fees, the government will consider it as capitation fees.

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