Sadhvi’s homecoming

April 16 2010

Advani himself has become active to ensure the completion of the process of return of sadhvi Uma Bharti to the party. And why only Advani, even Gurumurthi has got involved in this monumental task that not only Uma but even Govindacharya returns to th party after a long hiatus. For the likes of Kalyan Singh and Subramaniam Swamy too the saffron party has kept the doors of its heart open. It is a now or never situation, having understood this Uma wants to make no mistake this time; she is therefore treading cautiously. But the biggest challenge before Advani is to make Shivraj Singh Chauhan see reason. Shivraj’s “Uma phobia’’ has still not diminished. So Shivraj who is caught in the passion of position is being made to understand that Uma’s journey from Delhi would not extend beyond Jhansi. The party is thinking of drawing some lines around Uma’s politics. She would have
to confine her area of work to between Ghaziabad and Gorakhpur, and as for Madhya Pradesh, she would be able to see it in the maps only. For the time being, Uma is agreeable to all these conditions set by the party that she would only engage in the politics of Uttar Pradesh. BJP’s real intention is to pit a backward’s daughter, Uma, against a Dalit’s daughter, Mayawati. No doubt, the challenges before the sadhvi are big. But in the past too the sadhvi has taken on such challenges quite successfully.

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