October 05 2009

The austerity bug has bitten one and all within the Congress party. With Sonia Gandhi traveling economy class and Rahul Gandhi traveling by Shatabdi Express, the Congressmen are trying to emulate their feet. Poetic renditions are being made on the Congress high command leading by example. But there is the other Congress, which is more popular in the state of its influence, whose leader has always lived an austere life without bringing any moral or other pressure on her colleagues to emulate her lifestyle. The day Rahul Gandhi traveled to Ludhiana by train to make a point in austerity, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee came to inaugurate New Delhi Railway station building in her trademark cotton saree and Hawai chappal sitting on the front seat of a ramshackle small purple colour car with no beacon light. Now who is more austere — Mamata di or the first family of the Congress?

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