A dialogue among the Congress

September 18 2011

Congress’ corridors are still trying to figure out the answer to the moot question that how much more will Sandeep Dixit run the party to the ground? While talking about the Anna issue in the Parliament, he forgot to mention Rahul Gandhi and his speech from a day ago. In some matters, he is also called the de facto CM of Delhi because not only does he keep track of people’s wellness schemes but also plays a big part in giving out funds for the schemes for the NGOs. He came in contact with Arvind Kejrival and Kiran Bedi because of such schemes. It is also said that he also gets along with several anti-Sonia leaders in the BJP. The newest development is regarding the suitcase full of currency notes on the Bhopal Express. Dixit says that although the suitcase was in his AC first-class coupe, it belonged to his friend Mathur. The question now is that if Mathur is really such good friend with Dixit, then why was he traveling in the same train as Dixit’s attendant in the second AC compartment? Does this money have to do anything with the Commonwealth Games? Dixit has close ties with Bhopal, since he has his NGO there, and it is also believed that he has invested in property in and around Bhopal last year. So in a country where crores crave for a small piece of roti everyday, how does it matter if a public representative or his friend’s bag is discovered stuffed with money?

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