All is well

March 22 2011

Located on Lodhi Road in Delhi, Aman Hotel also belongs to DLF. Biggies of the country are seen frequenting the place – P Chidambaram, Robert Wadhera and Anil Ambani are regulars here. Several BJP leaders also like the place. Now DLF and son-in-law’s matter is far more peaceful; the BJP was supposed to have made a hue and cry about it on Monday. There were two views within the party on whether the matter should be raised in the Parliament. On one side was Advani and Sushma who felt that doing it would be a direct attack on the Gandhi family, while heavyweights such as Gadkari, Jaitley and Jaswant felt is came under the public domain. But the DLF people wooed its old advocate like never before and reminded of all the favours they had done him. Maybe not the politicians but the advocate was won over and the matter rests.

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