Sangh’s matters with the NIA

April 03 2011

Coming up with the new idea of Hindu terrorism, Congress is aggressive against the BJP and especially the Sangh Parivar. How many Sangh members will be brought under the scanner and how, the Indresh incident bears testimony to the fact. The bureaucracy has harmed his reputation to the maximum. Now all such trials are being transferred to the NIA, which looks are cases related to terrorism. So, from a so-called independent agency like CBI, these matters have now come under a body of the Central government. CBI is answerable to the CVC and so you can almost call it an independent body but the NIA is truly a government organization and comes under the home ministry and under Chidambaram, who has come up with the term Hindu terrorism. That is the reason that has the Sangh leaders most worried. The government can’t remove the cases filed by the CBI but the NIA is a free-for-all – remove anyone you want, include anyone you wish.

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