Sangma gets Opposition’s support

May 07 2012

P A Sangma is trying with all his might for the President’s post and it looks like his tribal card is being noticed. Former Parliamentarian Arvind Netam, who had got several tribal organisations under one roof to speak in favour of Sangma also met several chief ministers of different states on Saturday and is slated to meet Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi on Monday. The strangest behaviour regarding the Sangma issue was seen on Sharad Pawar’s part, who has been a close friend of Sangma. It is believed that when some people went to meet Sharad Pawar about Sangma’s candidacy, Pawar promptly said, “Sangma is always a candidate for all posts.” Now if there is not a consensus on the name of Pranab or Hamid and it comes to elections, the Opposition may unanimously support P A Sangma’s name.

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