Srinivasan and politics

June 04 2013

The government is playing its own role in fanning the fire of Indian Paap League, that is the IPL. To pressurise Srinivasan to resign, BCCI’s treasurer and secretary have also stepped down and now the vice-president is also on his way out. If everyone is alike in this game of cricket, why is the Congress employing double standards? On the one hand, the Congress people are attacking Srinivasan directly, and are protecting its minister and IPL Commissioner Rajiv Shukla. Actually, the Central government is wants to give a shock to the DMK party, and so it is aiming at Srinivasan, who is considered to be close to the DMK. Maybe that is the reason so many days after the fixing scandal, Congress minister Jyotiraje Scindia gave a statement and asked Srinivasan to resign. And in any case, the IPL is a hen that lays gold eggs and Sharad Pawar is an active participant in the league. Where Scindia is concerned, he has a clean image and the Congress may announce him as the candidate for Madhya Pradesh’s chief minister by August-end.

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