Shukla on cloud nine

May 05 2010

Because of the IPL issue dark clouds may be hovering over Lalit Modi, Tharoor and Pawar, but for Rajiv Shukla all this is like a dream come true. All of a sudden he is calling the shots in the corridors of power of the Congress. Sometimes he would brief Sonia on the IPL issue, and at other Pranab and PM, and very often he would now receive the call from Ahmed Patel. So the Sharad Pawar, who had make allarrangements to corner the Government on the cut motion, and had got into contact with Sharad Yadav, Farooq and Lalu for it, now came around after Shukla made him to agree through Praful Patel on getting a call from Ahmed Patel. So Shukla has the blessing of both 10 Janpath and 7 Race Course these days. It has been learnt that he is about to strike gold. The field is open, the post of BCCI chief is about to lie vacant in June, the resignation of Lalit Modi from the post of IPL commissioner is also coming on 26 ….  And a reshuffle in the Manmohan Cabinet is long overdue.

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