The hurry to announce the Winder session

September 29 2013

The Congress wants to hold the Winter session before its due date. Usually, this session starts from the third week of November to December 22. During the general elections in 2009, too, the electoral code of conduct was put into motion on March 2, 2009, and the Budget session conducted business for just 10 days. Sources close to the government make it clear that this time, too, the regular Budget session of the Parliament will not happen and an Appropriation Bill will be passed instead of the Budget, so that the country’s everyday business runs smoothly. During this time the President can address a joint session of both the houses, and the Parliamentarians can pass a Thank you Motion to his speech. The way the country is fast getting into an economic turmoil, the UPA government does not want to announce any such important Budget and just want to complete the Winter Session in a hurry after passing some important Bills, which include everything from the Street Vendor Bill to the Telengana Bill. And this is why the strategists in the government want to hold it earlier than usual.

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