Vivekananda bhakt Narendra

December 26 2012

“Gujarat to jhanki hai, Dilli abhi baaki hai”. Whenever the slogan is spoken in his favour, he smiles a little smile. His heart is in Gujarat but his eyes are set on Delhi. Modi is visiting Delhi on December 27, only for a day, to understand and guage the mind and intentions of the saffron leaders. His knowledge and pride in Brand Modi is not new, so now Modi’s people want to test his brand outside of Gujarat and see how well it works. Team Modi has zeroed-in on 250 Lok Sabha areas where Modi will be touring in the days to come. In some ways, Modi is highly influenced by Vivekananda’s thoughts and philosophy, and so a tour such as “Vivekananda Jan Jagran Yatra” is being planned and its frame being put in place. Modi will tour the entire India. In the coming Assembly elections in Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Modi may emerge as the star campaigner for the party. Which means Modi is bent upon putting pressure on the Sangh Parivar and the party so that he is projected as the next prime ministerial candidate from the BJP for the next Lok Sabha elections.

  1. Tatyana Says:

    Filnlay! This is just what I was looking for.

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