Thumb that rules

January 13 2010

George Fernandes has taken to a different kind of journey of despair
and isolation. Once he was associated with combative socialism but the
game of life is strange, at this juncture of his age, he has become
childlike. His life is moving ahead on the support of just three
servants who work diligently for him. It is said that he has
development the Alzheimer’s ailment in which one forgets everything.
He now fails to even recognise people were very special to him till
not so long ago. But in the last few days, George’s life has improved
somewhat. He has got the Government compensation for some land of his
– about Rs 12 crores – which has got credited into his account. An old
friends of George tells us that he has so far not made a will. So
several other people, who had moved away have now returned to his
life. For example his wife Leela Fernandes, who had left him and
become Laila Kabir. But these days, she prefers in having herself
called Mrs. George. Laila also comes with her son to meet George at
least once a day. As a rule, Jaya Jaitley also comes for at least two
hours every day. The eyes of all these remains firmly on George’s
thumb to ensure that no one is able to take George’s thumb impression
on a will. But unaware of all this George is only poking a thumb at
all of them, that too with all sincerity.

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