Lokpal and its games

December 27 2011

Before the Lokpal Bill was introduced in the Parliament, four draft copies of the same were distributed. Of these copies, one was given to the Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha, another to Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha, one was given to Advani, and it is said that another had reached Kiran Bedi through the back door. The Congress managers told Lalu about the different between the two bills, what Anna’s bill was about, what were the changes brought about by the BJP and all this made Lalu excited. And whatever he said in the Parliament proved to be profitable for the Congress. This trust that the Congress has on Lalu more than it does on Mulayam may be indicative of future equations. Two Congress managers had merely briefed Mulayam orally about the two bills but Lalu was sent a copy of the same.

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