Lal Krishna is red with rage

March 25 2012

For the past few days, prominent leader of the BJP Lal Krishna Advani is feeling alienated in the party. IT is believed that the way Angshuman Mishra, who is a newer face on the horizon of the saffron party, had advised Advani and company to retire from active politics at this stage of their lives, had the inside support of several big leaders of the party. Angshuman’s direct attack on Murli Manohar Joshi and Yashwant Sinha can be connected to the same. Advani also didn’t have too much of a say in the Rajya Sabha elections and neither was he consulted about the ticket distribution. But Gadkari did give a ticket to Najma Heptullah on Advani’s behest. So the grouse that Advani is nowadays nurturing is that only Gadkari has a say in the party and the Parliamentary Board and Election Committee only seals the deal.

  1. Jonathan Says:

    PS:Let’s party…my jihadi freind!MM:”after advani goes,mullahs will be welcome by FV and her jehadi freinds.Btw,I sincerely hope the jehadis go to the space along with the closet jehadis like FV,Zakir Naik,Seema Mustafa et all.India would be heaven..”FV is not a closet anything…she can invite mullahs while Advani is still around…but she don’t like mullahs or moolis (not even in parathas.If the disappearance of a few people can make India heaven, it would mean a whole bunch of dead people walking. Heaven happens only after death, I believe.Hah, you people think you can become shaheeds for free?

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