Not rosy for Rosaiah

January 13 2010

When the ambition of late Rajshekhar Reddy’s son Jaganmohan Reddy to
become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh were eclipsed, Rosaiah’s
joy knew no bounds. But Jagan did not give up hope. Now his first
agenda is to dislodge Rosaiah from his post. It appears that Jagan’s
efforts have started bearing fruit. Now the Congress high command has
also started acknowledging that on the matter of Telangana, Rosaiah
failed as a Chief Minister. So now the party strategists have come out
with a new formula that why not make a leader of Telengana the next
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The names of Union Urban Development
Minister Jaipal Reddy and the Congress in-charge of Jharkhand K.
Keshavrao are on the top of this list.

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