Rahul’s folly

September 10 2012

The UP Congress continues to grow anxious about Rahul Gandhi’s working style. The common opinion about him in the Congress is that he is naïve. He still has not been able to understand local politics and the caste equations in UP and Bihar. If he had, he would never have made someone like Nirmal Khatri the party president in the state. It doesn’t make any sense to make Mathur the leader of the Congress Assembly group either. In any case, what can poor Khatri do single-handedly – Rahul has made eight zonal presidents – Rashid Masood, P L Punia, Vijendra Singh, RPN Singh, Jitin Prasad, Vivek Singh, Anugraha Narayan Singh and Raja Rampal. Of these eight zonal presidents, five are outsiders – Rashid Masood, Punia, Vivek Singh, Anugaraha Narayan Singh and Raja Rampal. There is also some unrest in the cadre that Rahul has brought leaders from outside who enjoy more clout.

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