Rahul’s scuba diving

April 01 2012

What has happened to the political leaders who did such big talk during the UP elections? Where is BJP’s sadhvi Uma Bharti? Has she found refuge in her guru Pejawar Swamy? In hushed tones, Uma is even heard saying that she had tried to tell Nitin Gadkari that she should not be asked to become a part of the complex puzzle in UP and taken to Rajya Sabha. But the important question is will she stay an average Assembly member? What happened to big mouth Amar Singh and his party in the UP elections is there for everyone to see. He remains in Delhi has nothing more to say. For Kalyan Singh, the elections did no good either. He couldn’t even get his son and daughter-in-law to win. Congress’ angry young man Rahul Gandhi made for foreign climes just two days after the election results and went to the Philippines for scuba diving and returned after a week-long vacation.

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