Rahul’s folly

August 28 2011

“Desh ke yuva yahan hain, Rahul Gandhi kahan hai”. When the youth collected at Ramlila Maidan supporting Anna’s fast started to say this, the Congress yuvraj emerged from power corridors into the Parliament theatre like he had come up with a new agenda on the Lokpal that was different from the prime minister’s line of thinking. But on Saturday, Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj called it Rahul Gandhi’s message to the nation. Not only did she raise questions on Rahul’s 15-minute speech of five pages and talked about his speech reading, but also questioned the Parliamentary reactions. The Opposition leader said that usually the respected Speaker does not allow for such interventions during the Zero Hour, and if it granted at all, it is for a mere three minutes, which the speaker can extend up to five minutes. The Opposition had a feeling that Rahul had come to the Parliament to put forward the Congress line. The Opposition, and especially the BJP felt that Rahul ruined the prime minister’s statesmanship. The Opposition had a bigger role to play in Anna agreeing to breaking his fast than the Congress. And this issue is irking the prime minister’s camp.

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