Raja to be made a pauper

June 08 2010

The Congress is busy in the preparations of reducing one of its own Cabinet Ministers in the UPA Government from a king to a pauper. This entire Congress effort is being backed by a prominent industrialist of the country whose telecom brand flies high in the sky. This industrial house wants that either Manmohan should show the door to A. Raja or his portfolio be changed. In the political circles and media too the news of Raja’s departure or at least he change of his department is being planted with subtlety. The Prime Minister has provided more wings to these possibilities by staying that the investigation in this matter has been handed over to the CBI. If reliable sources are to be believed then in the Raja case, the CBI is soon going to say that in this entire matter at the first sight a prima facie case is made out. In the days to come, UPA constituent DMK and its minister A. Raja
could face difficulties. Is the man with the dark glasses listening to all this?

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