Gupta goes forward, gradually

July 11 2010

Gadkari is troubled by his loose tongue, decreasing power and the other part of the BJP. When July 5 was announced as Bharat bandh by the opposition parties, some members of the other camp of BJP told Gadkari that since he is the national head of a national party, it doesn’t become him to go out on the roads protesting price rise. So to be on the streets, shout slogs and get arrested was a responsibility taken by Sushma Swaraj from Bhopal, Arun Jaitley from Lucknow, and Ravi Shankar from Patna. Later when the Delhi head of BJP Virendra Gupta met Gadkari, he made him agree to be active in Delhi. Sharad Yadav, Rajnath Singh and Harsimrat Badal were also prepared for the job. Gupta ji went all out with his clout in Delhi so that Gadkari gets some political mileage from the whole thing. Needless to say that Vijendra Gupta seems to have achieved this for now.

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