Gandhi in U.P.

May 07 2010

When the weather is so hot, then how can the political temperature be made to rise? Congress prince Rahul Gandhi had understood the mood and arrival of the weather quite well in his last trip to U.P. When only a handful of people were joining his road show and the heat of the sun was so much, what political ideas could have generated in the mind? But our saffron Gandhi Varun does not listen. He was so pleased by the numbers that had turned up for his last rally at Saharanpur that he has now turned to Rae Bareli. Or now he has set his eyes on Jaunpur to challenge his paternal aunt and cousin brother. This Sunday he is going to address a rally at a junior high schools in the Sujanganj area of Jaunpur district. Varun’s supporters claim that no matter ow much fire the sun spits, the crowds and the enthusiasm and fervour at Varun’s rally would be no less than what was seen in Saharanpur; this
when Varun and his people have not invited any central leader of BJP for the rally. So the tone and tenor of the rally would be very Varun-like. Has this youth leader of BJP really learnt to run by keeping pace with the frontrunner of politics. The success of the Jaunpur rally would provide an answer to this.

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