Modern day Vishwamitra

January 13 2010

Asaram Bapu met Advani a few days ago and asked for help. But the wily
old Advani as per his habit so distanced himself – `Bapu, you know
that he (Modi) does not listen to anyone. Not even to me.’ So Ashok
Singhal of VHP, who has emerged as the new messiah for Bapu, sought
time from Modi to meet him and he called him over to his home. Singhal
was made to sit in a majestic drawing room. As per the schedule, Modi
came there. On seeing him, Singhal who was sitting on a sofa, got up.
And without any formal exchange of greetings, Modi fired his volley of
words – `Why have you started breaking your `tapasya’, Ashok ji?’
Having said this Modi moved towards his inside room, leaving Singhal
standing alone.

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