Sanjay Singh meets Modi

December 20 2013

Congress Parliamentarian from Sultanpur Sanjay Singh and his wife Amita Singh have shown signs of revolt against the Congress queen bee and the crown prince. Sanjay Singh is keen on contesting the elections in Amethi against Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi. He went to Lucknow and met Akhilesh Yadav regarding this and showed his keenness to join the SP. But Akhilesh made it clear to Sanjay Singh that the SP will not launch any one from the party against Rahul Gandhi this time. Where Amita Singh is concerned, he could make her the chairperson of some organisation. When things didn’t work out, Sanjay Singh went and met SP supremo Mayavati but things didn’t work out there either. So he went to Gandhinagar to meet Narendra Modi. Amita is from a Brahmin family in Maharashtra and her father is a veteran RSS leader. Her family has close ties with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, and this makes their journey into the BJP slightly easier. So when Sanjay and Amita reached Gandhinagar and asked for Modi’s blessings, he immediately replied, “Contest the elections from Amethi on a BJP ticket; I will come for your campaigning. If you win you will become a minister at the centre, if now you will be with us and well taken care of.” So now Sanjay is eager to wear the saffron robes along with his wife.

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