Modi Lehar in Karnataka

December 26 2012

After Modi conquered Gujarat, most prominent dailies carried a big advertisement the next day, which said, “Jeeta hai Gujarat, ab jeetega Bharat”. This multi-coloured ad had pictures of Narendra Modi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. These ads were sponsored by Lehar Singh Siroya of Karnataka Vidhan Parishad. This proves that somewhere or the other, Modi has connections with Karnataka’s prominent Lingayat leader and BJP rebel B S Yeddyurappa. Because Lehar Singh is the same person who is considered to be extremely close to Yeddyurappa. Apart from this, Modi is in constant touch with tribal leader P A Sangma. It will be no exaggeration to say that if this time Modi gets to lead the BJP, he may try to get Yeddyurappa’s Janata Party in Karnataka, Keshubhai’s Gujarat Parivartan Party and P S Sangma’s National People’s Party to join the BJP.

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