Congress’ charms upon Modi

August 07 2011

The deputy chief minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi has been made the chairman of the Goods and Service Tax Committee. Before this, the CPI-M’s Aseem Dasgupta held the post. He was also the finance minister of West Bengal government then. When things were going against the party in the state then, Trinamul Congress was hoping that it will get the post. But the central Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had something else in his mind. Actually, the Congress wants uniformity of the GST in Congress-ruled states. The party believes that the sales tax in all states should be the same. BJP-ruled governments in states such as Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are totally against it, so much so that Sushil Kumar Modi himself doesn’t agree with this line of thinking. But the BJP has made him the chairman of the committee. The party wants that as a chairman of the committee, Modi junior should express his views against the idea.

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